Who we are

We are talented folks in Victoria B.C. collaborating for the benefit of a local non-profit organization.

maptorchDoing Good for Nothing is a local chapter of thinkers, do-ers and change-makers offering their expertise and energy to accelerate the work of cause-led innovators and change makers– all for free. This initiative originated in the UK as Good For Nothing.

We want to support an organization in Victoria, B.C. that is passionate about helping their community to flourish, and could use an expert team of outsiders to help them move beyond some of their key challenges.

We supply expertise and thought leadership for one full day to non-profit organizations that don’t usually have the resources to access.

We are:

  • Good-spirited professionals and volunteers. We are professionals with knowledge and skills to offer in support of a worthy cause. We enjoy offering our skills, making new connections, and practicing our craft the process. Just because we like to.
  • Collaborative. We believe in the power of in-person, active collaboration and aim to offer a different approach to traditional work by keeping our entire process creative, open, mindful and playful.
  • Diverse. Our core team’s competencies range from marketing to mindfulness, facilitation, policy-making and arts. We have seen the power of diversity to steward radical shifts in thinking and action.
  • Curious. We get under the nail bed of an organization with a spirit of benevolent curiosity and continuous learning. We aim to inspire newfound curiosity in our client organization to help move through old problems in new ways.
  • Darn nice. We want to work with nice people too. Nice is as nice does.

Read our core team’s bios here.

Play   Think   Design   Develop   Grow

We work with non-profit organizations that have:

  • Limited capacity to work out solutions, but enough capacity (or drive) to implement good ideas.
  • Demonstrated social impact already.  Their organization’s vision and mission is socially conscious by nature.
  • A clear vision.
  • Willingness to try new approaches. They want to learn, are open to change and new ideas that may involve risks.
  • Transparency. They are willing to talk about what really matters in their organization.
  • Sincerity and authenticity.  We want the organization to be respected by the people who depend on them.