What’s it really like to work with DGFN?
The IICRD shared their thoughts about working with us:

I found DGFN’s process to be well-organized and well-facilitated, with clear roles like a chair, a time keeper and note takers. This helped us get a lot done in two hours.

DGFN tried to help us focus on the people at the top of the organization but were also invested in the people doing the work.

I thought “This is such a talented, diverse group of people, and this is all for free?”

“Think of DGFN as a critical, skilled, supportive friend, who can lend direction and thoughtful questions for your dilemma.”

The process felt very intentional, I was impressed with our focus and good use of time.

Our connection and relationship with Victoria, our city, increased from our work with DGFN. We raised our local profile and collaborations in a way we hadn’t done before.

We were super energized. We received sound advice, brainstorming and high quality expertise there. The event helped us to shape our thinking and next steps.

DGFN held the space for innovation to happen and rolled with our process and pace.



Could your organization benefit from DGFN’s process, skills and support? Applications will open again in 2017.

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