Victoria Women’s Transition House challenge – one day of ACTION to design an awareness campaign

Thanks to everyone who came together to help Transition House build an awareness campaign on domestic violence on 24 September 2016!  It was a great day of action and Transition House left with a toolkit full of creative ideas that YOU supplied.

Reminder of our goal!

The goal of the day was to focus our creativity on the following challenge:

“Design a campaign that raises awareness of domestic violence and delivers two key messages: it’s not her fault, and no one deserves to be abused.”

Here’s what happened on the day (in brief)

Idea generation:
After an initial introduction and question/answer period on the creative brief, the aim was to collaboratively identify a range of campaign ideas.

Idea distillation:
Once we identified a few ideas for exploration,  smaller groups dug in and started to sketch in the detail.  For example, anticipating how the idea could work in practice and stating what success looks like.

Identifying the road ahead- and even prototyping!
The creative experts in the room were then asked for their guidance identifying the steps to get the ideas up and  running.

Who is Transition House?

Victoria Women’s Transition House Society plays a critical role in our community.  They run a wide range of programs and education services, as well as providing shelter for women who have experienced abuse.  Transition House has been a cornerstone non-profit in Victoria for 40 years.

Transition House won DGFN’s 2016 competition and were eager to have their awareness campaign build on existing media work including their recent video “The Faces of Domestic Abuse“.

Feel free to contact Lee Sentes (lee@developmentaction.ca or info@dgfnvictoria.ca) to learn more.