Existence Project

The Existence Project – creating a strong foundation for a dynamic organization

The Existence Project jumped off the application page when the DGFN team was reviewing who to support in 2017.  As their webpage says, everyone has a story.

From this simple concept, The Existence Project creates opportunities for to bridge the gap between marginalized people and their community.  They do this through workshops that use storytelling and dialogue to see the humanity and value in everyone.

You really need to check out their fantastic website and explore their library.  It’s powerful work!

Reminder of our goal!

After talking to Marco Curuvija and Mohammedh Ali Kahn, the drivers behind the organization, DGFN offered a change from our regular format.  Instead of one day of action, we decided to offer a set amount of time spread across six months.  Our goal was to help establish a solid foundation for The Existence Project so that it could continue to grow beyond its first year.

The Existence Project and DGFN worked together to examine a range of topics:

  • marketing
  • income generation
  • governance
  • communication strategies (with the help of the awesome Lyndsey Easton)

Working with The Existence Project has allowed DGFN to explore new ways of offering support, and has once again blown our minds at the creative ways people and organizations are tackling big issues.

Feel free to contact Lee Sentes (lee@developmentaction.ca or info@dgfnvictoria.ca) to learn more.