How does it work?

So who is ‘Doing Good For Nothing’ anyway?

We exist to join smart experts and capable service providers with organizations in need to offer free expertise and action to help move a great non-profit organization forward in their mission. DGFN Victoria is a gang of skilled professionals and volunteers ready for action!  Victoria is home to tons of amazing not-for-profit organizations and social enterprises.  Victoria is ALSO home to buckets of talented people, from bankers to lawyers, academics and social entrepreneurs.  Imagine what would happen if we harnessed all those skills to focus on one challenge for one day, in service to a non-profit organization doing great work in the world! Learn more about our core team.

Where does DGFN come from?

The concept originated in the UK as Good for Nothing.  We’ve copied the basic concept here in Victoria so that DGFN is about diverse groups of local people self-generating what a flourishing and healthy 21st century society might be, all for nothing, all for good.

Our core team will:

  1. THINK: work with the client organization to deeply understand their challenges. We offer 3 – 5 in-person meetings to discover, plan and determine logistics for our day of action together.
  2. PLAN: gather a supportive team of focused experts to orchestrate a powerful day of solutions-finding and action.
  3. DO: host an action-oriented event that is focused on moving the organization forward with solutions.
  4. LEARN: one week following the event we will debrief the experience with your team to understand more about what worked well, what proved to be challenging and the impact the event had on your organization. Six months following the event we will meet with you again to understand more about the impact of our work together on your organization.

We will co-design the experience to be fun, thought-provoking, collaborative and utterly experiential.

How to benefit from Doing Good for Nothing:

Does your organization have an idea? A great challenge? An awesome untapped opportunity? Submit your application to tell us more about why we should work with you.

Applications for Round 3 are currently open.  Click the link below to apply!


One day. One focus. One organization.


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